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Plane Attire No No's

Plane Attire No No's

Ever see celebrities walking around with their massive fur coats and pumps in airplane terminals? Ever try to copy their style? It may be a bit tricky getting around the airport let alone plane itself with apparel that should've been left in your carry on. Here are some tips that might help your airport fashion worries:

  • Don't wear anything tight. You will want to be as comfortable as you can since all you're doing is sitting. Being able to move around in your seat helps you avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) which is when a blood clot forms in your leg. Wearing pants that have an elastic waist is a safe bet.
  • Wearing a long sleeve white T-shirt is a good bet
  •  High heel or backless sandals may look good on you but in the case of an emergency you may be caught. Even flight attendants don't wear them all the time! Sneakers might be a better choice
  • Metal can (and probably will) cause you grief during security

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