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Odd Fashion Stuff! Part 2

Odd Fashion Stuff! Part 2

Odd Fashion Stuff! Part 2

Fashion is coming and going constantly so there can be no point asking if there are going to be a few creations that stand out in their own unique way. In our own online store it is the same - there are always a few that stick out like a sore thumb. Here are four that may make you look thrice!


Authentic True Timber White Shorts


Trees on Shorts? Looks like a school art project.

Buy it Here



Bottega Veneta Womens Jacket


Love your carpet or rug so much you want to turn it into a jacket?

Buy it Here


Dolce & Gabbana ladies sandals Keira


While on first inspection it may seem to be your regular heel but a closer look reveals what appears to be an incomplete painting! Or maybe that's part of the design...

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Dolce & Gabbana decollete open toe Bette


Something is a bit off about this particular heel. Can you spot it? Can you see that the elaborate lace...is just printed on?

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